Anaesthesia method: The Wand Plus

The wand “The Wand Plus” is equipped with a very fine needle. The pain of the incision itself is therefore hardly noticeable. The anaesthesia fluid flows with very little pressure into the tissue and prevents the burning pain or pressure experienced especially by children and anxious patients. The transparent handle can be made so small that children hardly notice the bar.

The effect of the anaesthesia is intended only for the duration of the treatment. Often, after treatment, patients leave the practice without numbness.

This can be especially pleasant for business people with much client contact.

The three major advantages of the wand:

  • targeted anaesthesia without numb lips or cheeks
  • low pressure creates no pain
  • because of the very fine needle, one hardly notices the insertion of the needle

Who uses the magic wand? 

The wand is used by many general practitioners and children's dentists, since children are not frightened of the fine needle and the transparent handle. The children's dental clinic of the University of Zurich works exclusively with this method.


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