Dental prosthesis

Removable prosthetics

In this case, the prosthesis is a removable denture. This must be removed and cleaned after each meal.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures (locally referred to as "Brüggli") are anchored on the remaining teeth by means of clasps or other support mechanisms. The palate is partially covered with a flat steel strip for stability.

Full prostheses

Full dentures replace all the teeth of a jaw, while synthetic material dyed pink mimics gingiva and mucosa. A total prosthesis adheres to the oral mucosa mainly by a suction effect (adhesion). This prosthesis is increasingly being referred to as a Pine Ridge; the larger the surface and the more ideal the saliva quality, the better the attachment or hold of the prosthesis. In the upper jaw, good adhesion can be achieved by the coverlets of the palate in most cases, whereas prosthesis in the edentulous lower jaw does often not have sufficient grip. Adhesion crèmes can help temporarily.

It is important that prostheses be well cleaned by you and regularly checked by us and relined when necessary. Should the prosthesis not be optimally attached, the bone(s) may grow back stronger and/or the pillar or anchor teeth may be damaged.


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