Grinding and Snoring Therapy

Grinding therapy

During stressful periods, or at night, one (unconsciously) clenches one’s teeth or excessively grinds the teeth of the lower jaw against the teeth of the upper jaw, causing abrasion lesions (wear facets) on the teeth. We diagnose bruxism. Wear and tear on the teeth progresses slowly and often develops unrecognized. The excessive pressure leads to muscle tension, headaches and toothache. Later, temporomandibular joint problems can also occur.

Often, the recognition of these problems already helps you to relax better. Massage, heat, and stretching the muscles provide additional help.

In our practice, therapy is provided by means of a so-called grinding rail/plate (biteplate) (Michigan rail). Made for the individual from transparent synthetic material, it covers the teeth of the upper jaw and is only worn at night when sleeping. It prevents the grinding of the teeth and in this way prevents the unwanted mechanical removal of tooth structure and promotes the relaxation of the muscles.

Snoring therapy

We have had great success with the snoring appliance, which we have, for some time, manufactured in cooperation with our technicians. But please have patience, the adjustment time is usually 3 weeks, after which you will be used to the foreign body (rail, plate or appliance) and your environment will thank you!


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